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Pore Statistics for NASCAM simulations (PoreSTAT)

Software developed by Rafael Alvarez and Alberto Palmero at the Materials Science Institute of Seville, Seville (SPAIN).


PoreSTAT calculates the porous structure of thin films
simulated by the NASCAM Software. Results are presented by means of cross-sectional images of the film, of the porous structure, as well as the pore size distribution function. Furthermore, results can also be saved as files that can be handled by the representation software Jmol.


PoreSTAT requires a computer that may run
MATLAB 2012b. The RAM memory required depends on the size of the simulations. For better compatibility, PoreSTAT has been compiled with a 32 bit version compiler.


Native language of PoreSTAT is MATLAB although it can be executed without having MATLAB installed in the computer. It is necessary, however, to have installed the freely distributable MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR). Once it is installed, open PoreSTAT.exe to start the program (first time PoreSTAT is executed, it may take a few seconds to start due to MCR initialization).
Download MCR (Windows/Mac).


Download PoreSTAT software and User Manual (Windows/Mac).
Download some NASCAM datafiles to test PoreSTAT.



  • The NAnoSCAle Modelling (NASCAM) software can be downloaded here. This software is necessary to simulate the structure of the material to be analyzed by PoreSTAT.
  • The Jmol software for 3D visualization can be downloaded here. Its use is optional and it is not required in PoreSTAT.

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