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01 Oro nanoporosidad alta

The aim of the Fundamentals of Thin Film Growth research line is twofold: to fine tune the growth process at atomic scales in order to get “a la carte” thin films, and to upscale deposition protocols. It encompasses several topics, from plasma dynamics and plasma-surface interaction to the description of surface nanostructuration mechanisms in dynamic, far from equilibrium, situations. The ultimate goal is to present high-quality, internationally recognized, scientific research that helps innovate and that is useful for technological applications and developments.

A key aspect in this research line resides in the combined approach, theoretical and experimental, employed to study the film nanostructuration during growth: the design of experiments in wisely chosen conditions, along02 Oro nanoporosidad media with the use of computer simulations, have allowed the development of diverse software that help design and tailor the nanostructure of actual thin films employed in the technological industry.

The research is mainly carried out at the Materials Science Institute of Seville (joint center of the Spanish Council of Research and the University of Seville). However, the researchers keep active collaborations with diverse groups within Spain and the European Union, and actively participate in industrial projects. Here we include some results and demonstration software for illustration purposes and for the dissemination of the scientific research. For further information or details, please contact us in the email appearing in “Contact”.

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